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Why Real Estate Seminars Make Sense

So… I'm kicking off our blog here at by posing a rhetorical question: Why do people put on

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or attend real estate seminars? I was asked this over the weekend, and it got me to thinking about the answer to the question. Then it dawned on me that the answer is pretty straightforward: Real estate seminars make sense because

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they're the right solution to the problem. Ahh, but of course that leaves the next question in the discussion – what was the problem in the first place? And there in lies the reason real estate seminars are not only worthwhile today, they are probably one of the best ways for individuals to get educated about real estate investing. The problem with real estate investing is that it is, by and large, complicated. I can still recall my first

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3-day seminar experience; surrounded by individuals seeking to discover a new way to profit in an increasingly turbulent and volatile investing market. Since 2007, the equity markets have capitulated; falling in to a vicious cycle of explosive gains and fast “corrections”, all the while the real estate that was valued at 150% of reality is now looking more and more like it's reset to real-world values. And that's with 10% unemployment. Imagine what the world looks like over the next few years as spending increases, unemployment declines, and the markets get back to a healthy “normal”. Suddenly, real estate, at deflated values, starts to look like a really smart play, especially realizing that if you have cash sitting on the sidelines, you can make in investment that has already taken the losses and still provides a solid, underlying asset. So, this gets back to the main point at hand – why seminars? Well, real estate investing is complicated. Though the fundamentals are straightforward (find an “undervalued” property, put your cards on the table, and then pick an exit strategy that's appropriate for the investment and your time-horizon), the implementation can be quite difficult. It's easy to make a bad real estate investment (as proven by the past decade), but spotting a good one – the “diamond in the rough” – takes understanding many variables and contingencies, not the least of which is the fact that each investor is unique and different. Therein lies the purpose of the real estate seminar – to teach and educate about the opportunities

available and promote the adoption of a system that has worked for others.

Systems are my strong point – as a virtually life-long computer geek, I see systemization everywhere, from the most complex eCommerce shopping portal to the bureaucracies of any institution big or small. And systems require detail – understanding if “X” goes in, and we want “Y” to come out – how do we get from X to Y? Sure you can read it in a book, but that type of learning is passive and doesn't work for everyone. You can teach it in a traditional school environment, but often these systems evolve so fluidly that a traditional school wouldn't know how to make a course titled “Creative Funding 403U: Wrap Around Mortgages in Utah Suburbs”. So what you're left with is a problem that requires a solution: Complex systems require several days of instruction to convey even the most straightforward methods and solutions. And therein lies the reason why real estate seminars make sense. Ignore the fact that usually these investment models are proprietary, or may be the product of a life of trial-and-error by the teacher; and you'll realize that a 3-day workshop / seminar / boot camp / training event is about the best way to learn how to get “Y” if you start with “X”. Take out all the other pieces (like networking, learning face-to-face, Q&A, personal travel & vacations, etc), and the seminar is still a very sound model for teaching real estate to interested investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.




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One Response to “Why Real Estate Seminars Make Sense”

  1. property investment seminar fan August 27, 2010 9:08 am

    You’re right – it’s a complicated business. I am a fan of the property investment seminar because I always come away with a tip I can use, a fresh perspective, and hopefully more understanding.