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Meet your new product, marketing, and technology team.

Propel Point was founded to raise the bar in the seminar and information products industry space. By mixing cutting-edge technology, thoughtful authoring and copywriting capabilities, a flair for marketing, and a dash of design excellence that rivals leading design and advertising firms, we have successfully assembled a team that can propel you to the next tier of business.

As a custom development & design firm, we don’t pull your solution off a shelf, swap out some pictures, and toss it back to you. We dive completely in to your product, business, personality, and message – and craft a result that is uniquely yours. Our process method typically includes delivering you a custom-built roadmap of the project we have in mind, as well as clear milestones for you to gauge our progress. We use technology tools that allow you to engage and participate in the process and ensure the end result is perfectly yours.

Product Development and Design


Product Development & Design

If you are looking to turn your ideas to revenue streams, Propel Point has the solution. Our process is called ROIC : Return On Intellectual Concept. We start with your expertise – your training videos, your audio recordings, whatever you’ve created to start the ball rolling. From there, we develop a complete product solution that matches your tone, matches your audience, and most importantly conveys the value of the message you wish to communicate.

There are no specific boundaries to our ROIC methodology – we have worked on projects ranging from technical manuals & high-level training material, to real estate investment methods & training, to marketing, to personal development, and much more. If your concept and process is accessible, we can turn it from idea to income stream.

Because we spend so much time focused on you and your customer, the end result isn’t just a set of files and a pretty graphic. Your products are developed from the inside-out to reflect your training material. We develop process flows, data charts, workbook resources, workbook exercises, content-driven appendices & resource indexes, and more. Whatever the project calls for is included in the production.

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Marketing and Design


Marketing & Advertising Design

Gone are the days of “UGLY” marketing. The consumer has evolved and you need to evolve with them. Your customers are looking for polish, style, and class – and your marketing needs to reflect their advanced tastes and demands.

Fortunately, here at Propel Point, we create stunning marketing & advertising solutions for your business. From print catalogs to direct mail, from online squeeze pages to offline response marketing – we can create a new campaign that will revive your prospects or harvest new leads with exceptional design sensibility.

Our marketing & advertising process starts with understanding your core value offer, and then refining it visually and contextually until the result is absolutely aligned to your business, products & services, and customer expectations. We write compelling promotional copy that naturally progresses in to a call to action – and then we blend graphic design elements with that content to develop a piece that is balanced, attractive, and effective. Most importantly, we can integrate your marketing solution with your products and technology to ensure a seamless user experience, and provide ROI-based reporting models to ensure you reach your promotional goals at the maximum profitability.

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Custom Web Solutions


Custom Web Solutions

Sure, you could hire your nephew to put a site up in a hurry. But aren’t you really interested in creating a lasting first impression with your customers and prospects?

Our team here at Propel Point includes over 20-combined years of technology management & development, and we’re eager to demonstrate to you that advanced solutions and cutting-edge design are within your reach. Our online solutions range from simple landing & splash pages, to custom-skinned WordPress sites, to complete online technology & integration solutions you need to earn happy customers and automate your entire back-end.

Our development skills are wide ranging, including: • Templated and Custom WordPress theme & plugin development • Custom PHP / MySQL development • Infusionsoft API Integration • HTML, JavaScript, and CSS Coding • Social Media Tool Deployment, Integration, and Development • Web-Services Setup, Deployment, and Troubleshooting • And much, much more…

From customized internal tools & solutions to client-facing websites and member portals – Propel Point is ready to take on your most challenging technology needs.

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