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Review of The Intelligent Entrepreneur

If there's one thing that every young adult experiences frequently while growing up and living in California – it's the journey up and down the state by car. Over the past holiday weekend, to visit with friends and family, I logged about 1,300 mil

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Reno by way of San Francisco. But, I really enjoy the trip because (a) I'm used to it by now, and (b) it gives me ample time to rest my mind. In the service of the latter, I always try to find an audiobook or something to entertain me – and this trip was no exception. The day before I left, I bought The Intelligent Entrepreneur by Bill Murphy, Jr. At it's core, this was a great story about 3 entrepreneurs – the founders of / Affinity Labs,, and bluemercury (a company that I wasn't familiar with prior to hearing the book). While there's no doubt that each of the founders had many advantages to starting their businesses, the reality was incredible to listen to. Finding funding, building great teams, meeting and defeating competition at every turn – the story really demonstrated how challenging the market can really be, even for well funded, well educated, and well connected individuals like these. The book is told in a really unique format, switching from 3-story lines during even chapters to entrepreneurial lessons during odd chapters. In that sense, it felt very much like an audio presentation of a documentary – where the lessons to be learned were interspersed with a story arch of these 3 business creators. Perhaps the most valuable lesson was the one shared in the story of Marla Malcom Beck (shared by her mentor, John Ledecky): DROOM. Don't run out of money! If there's even just one gem of insight, that'll do for the moment.

I can say with confidence, after reading (hearing?) the book in its entirety, there are many lessons contained within (both explicit and implicit) that will stick with me for quite a while. Perhaps most important is hearing that, as a small business starter – things get tough – but that simply means that you need to respond with hard work, quick thinking, and a keen eye on what's important. If you're looking for a very contemporary business book that takes you on a journey rather than simply telling you where your destination ought to be, I highly recommend The Intelligent Entrepreneur.




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