You stand in front of the crowd. Who stands behind you?

Guru’s Beware:

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vecole”>my old musings on Revenews. In the online marketing space, just as in the seminar community, the “guru” is a love-it-or-hate-it relationship. There’s little middle ground, because the promises tend to be so outrageous and over the top. Either you embrace the business or idea, or you don’t. UnGuru LogoWell, Jim Kukral (original founder of Revenews and author of Attention!) and Shawn Collins (founder of the Affiliate Summit conference series) have decided to battle back against the “guru” mentality and marketing strategy with their new website, Launched today, I jumped over there to give it a look. As of right now it’s a small member community website (open to the public for a limited time), along with some notable contributors from the online marketing arena. Now, it’s not lost on me that both Shawn and Jim could be considered “gurus” in their own right. Jim is a noted public speaker and has a strong background to speak from in the blogging and small/medium biz online marketing space. Shawn, of course, is more known as the guy behind-the-scenes of the affiliate marketing industry, but he’s also collected a large following and I’m sure more than one person has murmured “guru” in his presence. But, the message is reasonably clear: If you’re a self-proclaimed guru, a get-rich-quick online marketer, UnGuru & the community will probably come after you. And they probably won’t pull their punches, because their intentions are clearly written up

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front. Is this good for the web as a whole? Well, who knows. It probably can’t hurt for people to have a little bit more common sense when it comes to falling for promises that sound out of balance with what everyone else is really delivering. So, with that, I’ll say you can find me on the UnGuru site already: User name is PropelPoint. Good luck Jim and Shawn, and sorry I won’t be able to see you next week at the Affiliate Summit. And if you’re an online marketer looking to make sure you don’t get berated by the anti-guru crowd, you might also want to take a spin over to the site and check it out.



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