You stand in front of the crowd. Who stands behind you?

Build a Ladder for Your Customers

Rope ladderThe seminar business is not like most others. The hours are absurd,

the risks are foolhardy and incalculable, the customers are demanding (and rightly so), and the industry you teach in to is frequently shifting in real time. Nothing like taking a cup of “crazy” to work with you, is there? The reality is that the

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age-old adage about customers is probably doubly-true in this industry space: It takes 10-times more energy to earn a new customer than to

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keep an existing one. So, with that in mind, what are you doing to create a ladder of products to offer your prospects and clients? Product ladders exist all over the product spectrum. Here's just a few examples of what I'm talking about:

  • Automotive: Scion -> Toyota -> Lexus (or, Nissan -> Infiniti, or Ford -> Lincoln, or Chevy -> Cadillac, or Volkswagen ->Audi -> Porsche)
  • Retail: Old Navy -> Gap -> Banana Republic
  • Shoes: Easy Spirit -> Nine West -> Enzo Angiolini
  • Electronics: iPod -> iPad -> iPhone -> Mac
  • Food: Dryers Ice Cream -> Haagen-Dazs
  • Beer: Natural Light -> Budweiser ->Stella Artois

What's the same thing that all these examples have in common? No matter which end of the buying spectrum you lie; the customers' money goes to the same company. Sounds appealing, doesn't it? Well then take a look within your business are identify if you're providing the same depth of services, products, and opportunities as the major retail & business players outside of the industry (and some of the best-performers from within).

Implementing this is actually fairly straightforward; you just need to develop a range of products and services to fit a range of customer needs and price points. Already, most seminar speakers have created a two-pronged model: A standard home-study system with a training camp included, and a high-end coaching option for those students who want more guidance and support while implementing the system they've invested in. However, the price point difference between these two choices is usually a factor of 10 different! That's a wide leap for your customers to jump, especially if the best

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service or solution might be an interim step. The car industry is a great example of earning a customer's loyalty. Think about the Toyota model: They now offer the Scion line which is purpose built for young people and owners looking for inexpensive, reliable, and cool. Then that same customer can walk in to a Toyota dealership, expect the same level of quality, and things are familiar. Toyota earned trust on a $14,000 car sale at Scion and now has the chance to sell a $35,000 Camry or 4-Runner. And when that same customer finally gets that big promotion, he can drive over to the Lexus dealer and finally purchase that $60,000 GS that he's always craved. From 14-100k (*and beyond!), Toyota has a car to sell you, of various sizes,

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shapes, and purposes. In this industry, it's easy to forget that customers prefer to buy from what they know! There's too many scams out there, too many “snake-oil” salesmen. If you're delivering a great product at $49, $199, $499, $1999, $4999, and $14999, don't you think that some of your customers at one price point will transition to another? Build your customers a ladder, and give them the choice to reinvest in you.




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