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About our Technology

Here at Propel Point, we’re passionate about using the right technology to meet our customers’ needs. In the modern era, you’re only as effective as the information you have access to when you need it. We help our clients build sound information and infrastructure solutions that meet their fast-paced and always-on-the-go business lifestyle.

Internally, we’re a hybrid shop, mixing both Apple and Microsoft products to test projects and increase productivity. We use Apple iPhones and MacBooks, as well as Windows-based desktops.

We support the amazing variety of powerful tools that are emerging from the Web 2.0 space. The usefulness of the products and services being brought to support the “cloud” means that we can work from virtually anywhere, maintain redundant backups and security, and even access vital information from the palm of our hand.

37 Signals Basecamp LogoOur projects are managed using 37 Signals’ Basecamp platform, allowing for maximum transparency during your project development. Our project development methodology ensures that our clients receive continual updates as their products take shape, and we eagerly welcome the input of everyone involved to create the best possible solutions on time and on budget.

On the web development side of things, we LOVE WordPress. Dave has been developing on WordPress since version 1, and has been impressed by its expansion and gradual progression in to the definitive blogging platform (and an admirable CMS at that).

If you’re struggling with your technology and information capabilities, let us know. We can help advise you and your team on the best solutions for your specific needs, from event management, website deployment, project management, collaboration, eCommerce, and much more. We look forward to having that conversation with you!