You stand in front of the crowd. Who stands behind you?

About Jennifer Puterbaugh

Jennifer Puterbaugh is the Executive Princess of Propel Point. If you haven’t heard of an Executive Princess? Think CEO…and add a tiara.

How did a veteran IT Software Development Project Manager wind up an Executive Princess in the speaking industry? Well, there is a large amount of chaos that needs to be put in order in our industry- products to formulate, manuals to be written, websites that need to made hot, brand recognition builds, designs that need to sparkle, events that need some sizzle, AND software to be developed – and she knew that she was just the half-Filipina to pull it off. The bigger question, is how was she able to convince a 15 year .com web developer to come along with her?! Princess Power!
No matter how she got here, this University of California Davis graduate (B.S. International Relations on the Dean’s list), is now doing what she loves to do – SUPPORTING YOU!

You stand in front of the crowd? Who stands behind you?

Jennifer’s rare combination of – intelligent nerdiness (proof: she was the Speech and Debate Club President, a Dean’s List regular, and is thrilled to spend all night talking about databases with enthusiasm), marketing flair ( proof: She is a regular in the drama productions and nothing says flair like a tiara) and business savvy (proof: she has made herself and many other people lots of this industry and outside of it) – allow her to always add incredible value to everyone she works with. Best of all, she makes it FUN the whole way through. The expertise to handle all of the details and the finesse to do it with style! She navigates the intricate and complex nature of seminar industry projects with rare ease.

Although she tends to work into the wee hours of the morning, while texting, emailing and conference calling …supported by copious amounts of caffeine, to make sure that YOU look amazing in the morning, she does actually have a life.

Jennifer is the proud mother of the world’s top 2 most awesome kids (Maya Joy 10 and Ryan 9). They are not only her greatest creations, but the best toys ever! Being an awesome mom is the center of her universe. It is likely also the best training available for managing speaker projects:

…so you have a project that is due tomorrow, but you don’t know what all of the requirements are…no problem
…so you want new shoes, but your former BFF has a pair just like them and you need yours to be more awesome than the ones they have…no problem
…so you need to do 100 things in a week and have no way to get to any of the places you need to go…no problem
…you need someone to put you first and make sure that you are ready to face any challenge that life throws at you…no problem
…sometimes you need to be put in time out…no problem

In her spare time, she loves cooking, baking and eating (awesome cook, btw), playing word games, Facebook, reading, kayaking, snuggling babies, and shoe shopping . She is an avid lover of high heels and promises a discount to all clients who show up with great shoes for her (7 1/ case you wanted to know).