You stand in front of the crowd. Who stands behind you?

Propel Point LLC is a unique business services company based in Orange County, California. We serve the professional investment seminar speaker industry.

Who We Are:

Jennifer Puterbaugh – The “Executive Princess” and Dave Cole – Chief Operations Officer

Jennifer Puterbaugh and Dave Cole - Owners of Propel Point

Propel Point was founded on the idea that the informational seminar industry can be better. All too often, people leave a seminar feeling like they’ve been run through the wringer; and too many seminar products leave customers disappointed and unable to realize the dreams that the speakers have placed in their minds. We look to change all that, by using every resource available to create better seminars, better products, and happier customers for our clients.

We use a variety of systematic approaches to solving the challenges that face seminar speakers today. From building better marketing and sales funnels, coordinating data assets, building superior products, and creating outstanding world-class live events, our team is ready to support seminar speakers from beginner to experienced alike.