You stand in front of the crowd. Who stands behind you?

A Dog Eat Dog World

We're hosting some new bloggers here on to share their opinions & ideas on the biz. buy personal essayspy phone software When I first began working in the seminar industry, I was sure that I was a beginner in some world of …well I wasn’t sure what they w

ere, but I assumed that they had “it”. The more I got around, the more I realized that no one really has “it” figured out. Everybody’s fronting, at some level. Even top tier organizations are using trial and error methods just like everyone else. The most tell tale sign of this, in my opinion, is the way that the back of the room is handled. The speaker has been trained to present himself. Of course he looks like he has his act together. The real indication of what makes the man is how the rest of the team operates, what they look like, how they interact with customers, and who they are as people. If you are like me, you are constantly evaluating people through unspoken cues. These cues include personal hygiene, wardrobe (condition of, more so than quality) grooming, attitude, eye contact, and level of connection within a conversation. Typically when I enter a seminar room, I am sad to say that the staff running the event (unless they are mine, of course) fail miserably in many if not all of these categories. Or the ones who have figured out that looks are important somehow forget how important it is to bring insight and personality to the job. There are a few speakers out there who understand that branding is occurring passively with every second of exposure. With branding, any exposure is not necessarily good. To have a room full of people treated disdainfully or unintelligently by back of the room staff will reflect itself in sales, and in reputation. The speakers who appreciate this reality are willing to incur the additional cost (both energetically and monetarily) to do what it takes to bring a hot team on the road. It makes all the difference, and if you don’t think it does, you’re

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